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Testimonials from Contours Glen Innes members:

"I think all mums should join Contours Glen Innes - it's a life changer. I returned to the gym when my son was 8 months old and started using their childcare. Coming to the gym has brought me so much energy and body confidence post baby. I can do a workout and know that my child is being cared for in a safe environment.
 The staff know your name, the classes are amazing and the facilities are great. I'm not trying to be a salesperson here, but I really feel if you don't know about this gym then you're missing out." - Melissa Kinealy

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of Contours GI, and in fact it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. For most of my adult life I have maintained a 'reasonable' level of fitness by running, biking, swimming, kayaking and generally being as active as I could manage.  I was always able to lift my fitness to compete in fun-runs, triathlons, and other events for enjoyment.  All of this suddenly changed, however, when I hit the dreaded 50's.  My fitness disappeared and my energy levels and motivation seemed to dissolve also. Consequently my weight increased and I developed aches and pains that I had not had before.  I hate to admit it, but I had "given up on me". One day I had a sudden urge to change things, and I wandered in to Contours GI.  I was immediately welcomed and made to feel that it would be possible to get back my old self.  I took advantage of a free trial, and quickly realised that I should join up if I wanted to make changes.  That was the best decision I have ever made. Over the past year I have sometimes struggled to get to the gym as often as I wanted, but I have always received fantastic encouragement, guidance and friendship from Pich, Dale and the team. I have lost 10kg so far, but ore importantly I feel far more confident, energetic and supple than I have for years. I have now moved away from Glen Innes so continuing my membership is not practical, but I have sufficient confidence that I have made enquiries about joining a local community fitness group in my new neighbourhood!  I wouldNEVER have considered something like that a year ago. Thanks team for making such a huge difference to my life. Keep up the fantastic work - Contours GI is a fabulous gym because of the FABULOUS people :)"  - Robyn Sheehan

"...I enjoyed the motivation and support I've received from my trainer. I've learnt how to use the different gym machines, new exercises, every PT session was different! I've become stronger and fitter, have lost some kilos and cm. All of these are my motivation. Also the group classes, the motivation of being in a group with a good trainer really helps! Thank you!..." Carolina Forte

"...Having an aim, with no excuses was good. I'm enjoying being fitter again with support and motivation. Many thanks for your support and motivation, I could not have reached this goal by myself. It is awesome to fit back into my clothes again and win the 'I can't get smaller again' story. Most important learning to plan and stick to it. Every step, every time I eat counts to a greater goal..." Ottolien Pentz​

"...Personal trainers are positive and encouraging. I really like the classes here. Really happy with what I achieved in a relatively short space of time and enjoying getting back into gym exercise. Pilates and Power Yoga have helped with my posture and core. I am fitting clothes now that I couldn't fit into over the last two years. Thank you so much..." - Gail Stewart

"...I am now more contious of healthy eating... Very friendly PT (Pich) and Dale who is very patient with me. Pich pushed me to my limits which helped... It was a struggle for me to join the challenge, but with Pich's encouragement and Dales patients I began to enjoy it and kept coming back to Contours. It has such a warm atmosphere!..." Arma Daycon

"...I found the gym to be an energizing and exciting way to relax. I get to push my body to new heights and look and feel great. I have heaps more energy. my body feels lite and healthy. When I compare how I feel after a workout and healthy meal to sitting around snacking, I notice I have more energy and motivation for everything. Plus I feel amazing when my clothes fit and look better on my toned and healthy body..." - Marina Pentz

"...I started using the Powerhoop as a fun break between different groups off exercises, expecting nothing than fun and break from the sweat and hard workout. Powerhoop is connected to my  early childhood and reminds  me of fun I had playing with a hula hoop.I started  the Powerhoop workout with 1 min.  First few times my back and side of my waistline was sore but I accepted that because of fun I had during the exercise.After  few  weeks, when  I achieved 5 min of exercise per session, I  discovered that I’ve  lost  few  centimeters of  my waistline, my abs and oblique’s are toned and my back is elastic and movable.Thanks Dale for introducing Powerhoop to the gym!I feel like a kid again when I do my Powerhoop workout which burns more calories than some “sweaty” workout..." - Vesna  

"...I am really enjoying being at your gym together with the support I am receiving. I am really pleased with my body shape to date and am committed to see what happens over the next 8 weeks, I know stuff is happening so really important I don’t let it “slip away”. Once again thank you and your staff for the time you are putting into me as a member of your gym and making me feel really welcome I really appreciate it..." Kathleen Atkinson

"...It has helped to have support and encouragement from every member of the staff at Contours and to have had others around me, my friends and famlly who have provided the same, to help me achieve my goal and try to cement those better lifestyle habits...It wasn't until other elements were combined into a tailor made program and my nutrition needs were closely looked at that I saw real results..." - Kim Hookham

"...Having a program to follow suited me as I am not very self motivated and good at pushing myself. I have never been a class person but having the morning Wake Up Call and Ride n Burn classes gave me an opportunity to push myself whist getting the benefits associated with it..." - Lianne Thomas

".. I have always loved to exercise and have always had a love/hate relationship with it, haven’t we all. I’m half way into my 8 week challenge and have lost over 2 kilos. I’ve lost 7 cm off my waist, 4cm of my hips/bum and 4cm off my bust…back fat actually… I know that if I just continue with the exercise and eating plan I am going to get into a bikini this Christmas for the first time in 10 years. I eat more healthy food than ever before and still the odd glass or two of bubbles and I love the fact that my exercise routine is anything but routine, Dale makes me mix it up and my body loves it. Thank you Contours for the kick start I needed for my new lifestyle…I’m can see muscles in my arms!! and my clothes are fitting beautifully…" -Helen Stansfield

"...Before I stared this programme I felt bloated, sluggish and tired most of the time, now my energy levels have gone up and my friends and family have noticed the change in my appearance and energy levels. I have found muscles that I forgot I had, but it's worth all the hard work and determination…" - Wendy Fitzsimons

"…I joined Contours Glen Innes at the end of Oct '13, when I was finally ready to put myself first before my family. With the excellent guidance of Dale we worked on and toward a 3 stage approach that was catered to me and my many other commitments as a Mother. My initial goal – Get fit and lose 10kg in 8 months. In a “nutshell” downsize and eat healthy!...Start Personal training 3 times a week and lose initial 5kgs This was great, one on one expert attention …. and no group fitness at this point, one, I wasn’t fit enough and or comfortable doing it. That changed at the beginning of February, I started to introduce group fitness classes and guess what, if I can you can!" - Lisa Fullford

"I absolutely love the program thats set for me. I'm excited to see my results. Let the weight loss begin! Yay. Thanks to the amazing support team and PTs. Love you guys." - Sophie Ruka

"Must have been a great class with Pich yesterday. I can hardly move today. First class back after having baby number 3 in October. Such a long way back to fitness but I know Pich and Amber will get me there. Love being back." Larna Findlay

"Motivation, encouragement and the ability the trainers have to know how far to push us especially my PT - you're amazingly supportive." - Delwyn Baird

"It's such a great programme (reVAMPme). I have been worked out hard for 8 weeks and the result is incredible. My friends said tht I look slimmer than before. Just like I changed to another person. I'm so happy about the results that I got. Thanks Contours for encouring me and thanks for everything." - Vivien Doan

Services at Contours Glen Innes

  • Dedicated Ride n Burn Studio for spin-like classes.
  • Weekday morning child-minding service, if needed.
  • Full gym with cardio equipment and weights.
  • An exciting timetable of group fitness classes to keep you motivated.
  • Additional programmes such as: weight loss programmes, bootcamps, and informational workshops/seminars.
  • Detoxify and reduce celulite in our infrared sauna
  • And most importantly, knowledgeable and friendly staff to support you every step of the way.


Rooms For Rent!

Work along side us! We currently have a room/s available, ideal for a professional health practitioner to rent. Please contact us for more information and click here for photos. 

Personal Training

Book in with one of our Personal Trainers to discuss your goals and get a custom plan to follow for your results. You can train 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 and gain results a lot faster than on your own due to your trainers experience and knowledge – we are here for you to utilise and take away the guess work!

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