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Learn more about Contours Palmerston North and view our services, timetable and news. Plus, you can contact the Palmerston North team by either emailing, Texting or calling us. Palmerston North does not offer the free trial advertised on this site!


"The best thing I ever did was join Contours Palmerston North." Vicki

"I have been with Contours Palmerston North since July 2013, I was ready to stop coming due to feeling unsupported. I am of thin build and need to build up my strength due to a work injury so weight loss is not my goal. Since Mel took over I have felt welcome and supported. My program has been working for me thanks to the new team. I now have more strength in my arms than ever before. I highly recommend Contours Palmerston North to all shapes and sizes" Lisa G

I have been a member of Contours for many years. I have always enjoyed being a member as I appreciate the women sized equipment,  individual exercise programmes and the safe friendly environment. Since Mel has taken ownership I have found that the equipment and gym are now always spic and span, there is much more laughter and friendliness amongst the members and the staff. All staff are very friendly and helpful, always making an effort to welcome everyone and help in any way they can. Earlier this year I had an unexpected event occur which affected my physical ability quite severely, and Contours are playing such an important role in my rehabilitation. The staff willingly met with my physiotherapist and me to devise a suitable programme and my physio commented that she was very impressed with the way the Contours staff interacted and helped my transition from regular physio treatment to the gym so that I was able to continue my recovery in a familiar community environment. I would recommend Contours to any woman thinking of joining a gym as it is friendly, fun and  fabulous. To me, Contours is more than just a gym, it is a place where women can meet, laugh, talk, share life's good times and challenges and achieve their individual goals for exercise. Helen

"I have been a member at Contours Palmerston North for 4 years and love it!! When I started I was nervous and not sure the 'gym' was for me. I couldn't have been more wrong.....not only is it for me, I have also introduced friends and family to this great new lifestyle.  For me a real breakthrough was booking in regular Personal Training Sessions and seeing the fabulous results!!!!"

Since doing the contours re-shape me plan, my life has changed in such a positive way. I am no longer tired all the time, I now want to get up early! My energy levels have increased and I feel great, my self esteem has increased also since starting the plan. I used to hate exercise with a passion, and hated stepping foot in a gym. This has drastically changed, I now love going for jogs and walks with my dogs, and I absolutely love the classes and look forward to going for my PT’s. I enjoy eating healthy and clean and have had so much fun creating new recipes and meals.  My whole outlook on nutrition has changed and I will never go back to take-aways and junk food ! The support at Contours Palmerston North has been fantastic, I now consider my trainer Renee and Mel the owner as friends. It’s such a great community to be part of. For me the outcome wasn’t just about losing weight but changing my whole lifestyle and I can now say that has happened and I am feeling great with an added bonus of loosing 9.2kgs! A huge thank you to Mel, Renee my trainer and all my friends, family  and partner who supported me along the way, This is only just the beginning of a healthier lifestyle. Morgan


Services we offer

  • Babysitters Club
  • Personal Training
  • Nutritional and weightloss Programs
  • FREE Bootcamps
  • FREE Classes
  • FREE parking
  • GHD hair dryers and straighteners
  • Vertical Sunbed
  • Infarred Sauna
  • Events and Seminars
Level 3, 8 Grey Street, Palmerston North ~ 027 408 8501

Opening Hours

Mon, Tues, Wed & Thu
6am -11am & 3pm-8pm
6am - 11am & 4pm-6pm
9am - 11pm & 4pm-6pm
Most public holidays
9am - 12pm

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