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Group Fitness Classes

Focusing on core strength anf breathing with our Certified Pilates Instructors. Strong core means less back pain, better posture, improved flexibility and more energy. Pilates is a 60 min, full body workout suitable for all levels.
Incredible half hour workout in two different formats! Suspension Training - and Circuit training. This format is designed for maximum benefit in a short half hour workout. The circuit includes equipment such as Bosu Balls, Speed Resistors, Suspension Training, Rebounders, Weights, Agility Ladders, Step boxes! Nothing like it around!
Yoga is a safe sure way to increase health and well being, try this 60 min. class. POWER YOGA is a bit more advanced and will make you sweat a bit more too. You will feel alive after every class.
High intensity, fat burning class! The ultimate boxing workout consisting of cardio, resistance and technique. A great 45 min workout for weight loss, muscle toning and general fitness. Suitable for all fitness levels.

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FAQs About Group Fitness

Q: How do I choose a class?
A: This depends on what you want to get from the class e.g. cardio vascular (heart and lungs) fitness, strength gains, calorie burning, core and postual improvement or a combination of all of these types of benefits. First and foremost the class should be at a convenient time for you.

Q: I’ve got two left feet, do I need to be co-ordinated?
A: Many classes like Pump and Spin classes require no co-ordination at all. Some of the more dance inspired classes like Dance, Oxygen, Fight and War etc will have an element of rhythm to be honest. However the great thing with our Fitness classes is that the routines stay the same for 3 months, slowly adding into the routines. This way everyone will learn from start again, and learn the choreography, meaning you will then be able to focus less on the moves and more on the workout. No one cares if you are a beat or two out, just relax and have fun!

Q: What shall I do the first time I go to class?
A: As tempting as it is to sink into the back row this is the last place you should go as you will not be able to see or hear as well from the back. Position yourself near the front of the class and introduce yourself to the instructor (if she doesn’t beat you to it).

Q: Are their beginners classes?
A: All of our instructors are well trained and offer low options for all beginners! Just introduce yourself to the instructor at the beginning of the class and they will keep a watchful eye on you to make sure you are doing ok during the class.

Q: What should I wear and bring to a class?
wear comfy clothes and a pair of sneakers, a small sweat towel and water bottle. If you use an asthma inhaler please also carry that with you.

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