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THIS is who we are!

Contours Taupo - because it's the "right thing to do"

Contours Taupo is an amazing womens' only complex in the centre of Taupo township. Sitting atop Rebel Sport, across from Pak n Save, across from The Warehouse - with ample parking, we are the hub of the township for women.

We have fast developed a reputation for being a results based club - our transformation before and afters have travelled around the world! It doesn't matter what that transformation is either! Weight loss or weight gain; training yourself for an event or simply gaining confidence and feeling good about yourself. We strongly believe woman simply must spend a little time each day looking after themselves with exercise, as the body you have is the only home you live in forever it must be treasured.

We are a fully equipped club offering FREE exercise programming to all our members every 6 weeks, specifically personalised to your own goals - after all, none of us are the same!                    

We have an awesome Group Fitness class timetable that is unique from all others - offering varied, fun and hugely motivational classes FREE to all our members.

With separate cardio and weights rooms the club is spacious, always clean and gives you a friendly fun atmosphere while you workout.

Onsite Babysitting allows mums to spend time working out too. The Babysitting room is open from 8.30-12.30 five days per week - and is constantly filled with sounds of fun and laughter from our wee kids.

Our bathrooms are spacious, clean with lockers, hair dryers, hair straighteners and showers that are on gas allowing our members the luxury of a long shower. We have an infrared sauna onsite to help with weight loss and detoxification.

We are not just a gym though - we have other businesses that are a part of our Complex, all geared towards us girls!


ESSENTIALLY  U, offers remarkable classic beauty treatments as well as treatments which are specialized therapeutic body and facial treatments, along with massage to restore balance and well-being through relaxing the body and releasing muscle tension.                                                   Phone027 453 6211                                         


EMBACY MODELS, DANCE, CLOTHING. I have held a Professional Model Deploma & Deportment Diploma for over 15 years. In my Modelling career I have been involved in Television Castings, Runway & Fashion Show Modelling. My goal now is to represent other Models on their journeys in the modelling industry, and support them with various training and tuition necessary to succeed in the world of Professional Modelling.                  Tel:  +64 27 2796184


What are you waiting for? You have everything you need in one place ladies! Call in and take a look! Or head over to our photo gallery and take a 'virtual tour'.

Phone 07 378 8263


Contours Taupo is located at:
Corner Paori Hapi and Taniwha Streets

Come and meet the Contours Taupo team and take advantage of the very best health and fitness club not just in Taupo - but in the world!

Services at Contours Taupo

  • Free regular assessments and program writing
  • Personal Training - fat loss/sports training/body sculpting/fitness training
  • You can use your membership nationwide across all Contours gyms
  • Body Transformation Challenges
  • Small Group Training
  • Huge variety of group fitness classes
  • Straighteners and hair-dryers in our changing rooms
  • Free Sauna
  • Plenty of Free Parking


All enquiries welcome!

Phone: 07 378 8263 

12 Taniwha Street, Taupo.




Carlee Robinson is back at Contours Taupo

A big welcome back to Carlee Robinson who will be part of the personal training team again! Carlee is so EXCITED to get back to working with our wonderful members. Come in and say Hi!


BARRE is an amazing new worldwide revolution! Barre fitness takes you back to your days as a child doing ballet classes - but with a BIG difference! Barre Fitness is designed to tone and strengthen your body! Yes, it's an exercise class taking the principles of the Barre in Ballet and revolutionising it into an incredible workout! Barre suits most people's lifestyles, and it's free for gym members!

Barre with Ariana starts 1 Feb 2017 on Mondays at 10:30am and Wednesdays at 6:15pm

Call in today or phone
07 378 8263